Torchmark Benevolent Foundation

Charitable Grants

Application Process:

To apply for a charitable grant, you must complete an application and supply specific documentation. All grant requests received by the Torchmark Benevolent Foundation are reviewed for approval by each affiliate Company’s Benevolent Foundation Committee. If and when the grant is approved, you also are required to complete a Grant Agreement.

Additional Requirements:

In addition to completing an application, you must submit:

These materials are also listed on the Grant Application.

If your organization is requesting more than $10,000, you must complete a Supplemental Questionnaire and include the following with the application and other required materials:

Applicable Deadlines

All charitable grant requests the Torchmark Benevolent Foundation receives are reviewed by each affiliate Company’s Benevolent Foundation Committee. Please contact the appropriate Committee Member for meeting deadlines.


Funding Limitations:

The Torchmark Benevolent Fund does not make grants to:

Making Grant Requests:

All grant requests must be made in writing. Phone calls are not accepted.


Submission of Requests:

Mail completed applications and required support materials to:

Arvelia Bowie
Torchmark Benevolent Foundation
P.O. Box 8080
McKinney, TX 75070-8080

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